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Experiential Service for our Gifted Clientele.

The term “private” refers to a recognized status of our client’s financial capacity and a need for bespoke expertise, on a more exclusive basis than traditional homogenized retail storefronts.

PCMA is a prestige financial services brand providing Private Client Solutions for accomplished and sophisticated estates. As the leader in high capacity credit, PCMA created the first of its kind Non-Bank Private Client Lending platform dedicated solely to the needs of High Net-Worth estates.

Grounded in our approach of “ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen” in a professional transaction, we offer experiential services that match our client accomplishments but rarely encounter with broad market providers.

PCMA Private Client caters exclusively to high-capacity estates, that are made up of High-Income Professionals, Athletes, Entertainers. Most our client’s occupational profiles are Business Owners, Investors and Asset Rich Retirees.

We believe in the paradigm shifters and invest in their potential.