Culture - founder's vision

A company culture of unexpected expected.

Marketplace disruption creates huge opportunities for bold visionaries and enterprises. As the thought leader in high-capacity credit; PCMA is the market leader in Non-Bank Private Client Lending.

After 25 years at the highest levels of professional finance John Royce Lynch uncovered a trillion-dollar credit blind spot due to unintended consequences born from the well-intended Dodd Frank Legislation.

When Mr. Lynch first conceived PCMA as a prestige financial services brand, he said that we must not only right the wrongs of overregulation, but build a firm that rebuilds trust in the system and celebrate our clients with an elevated level of services that match their accomplishments.

The best luxury services brands are curated, not standardized. PCMA is a new perspective on how experiential services and specialty finance can be better designed by adopting the principles of lean manufacturing with a slant towards prestigious experience and execution.

PCMA as a brand and market leader in Non-Bank Private Client Lending is an opportunity to partition the firm away from homogenous and commoditized mass market mortgage providers.

This unique and unexpected market strategy has positioned the firm into a premium category brand that is resetting the standards of lending.