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A company’s values should start with its people.

Kim Marohl has been a Funding Manager with PCMA since 2012, when she came here from a much larger national mortgage company. She found her situation here to be a vast and immediate improvement.

“I needed to be someplace that truly valued its people and its customers,” she said firmly. “I like to think of myself as a professional, and I just needed to be with an organization – and working with colleagues – where they care about what they’re doing and how well they do it.”

One thing that particularly impressed Kim was the fact that we keep regular business hours (for Funding Managers 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday). It was a big change from the inexcusably long days and weekends in her previous position. “Sure the pace is fast here,” she said. “But they have a much more innovative, much more efficient process for running the business. So you get a lot more done over the course of the day. The simple fact is, I’m doing work I’m proud of with people with I respect. A fast pace, you say? I say ‘Bring it on.’”

Among Kim’s goals at PCMA is advancing to a management position where she can help build the team and contribute to the company’s growth. “PCMA has an amazing ability to adjust to market changes very quickly and maintain the pace of the business as conditions vary. Being part of this environment has really helped me learn and grow.”

In the meantime, Kim is enjoying the personal and financial freedom that her role at PCMA has helped give her. “I have a daughter, and so being able to spend more time with my family is important to me. Beaching, biking, gardening together … it’s nice to have the time to do what really matters.”

As we said, our values start with our people.

Professionalism and service once reigned supreme.

It wasn’t very long ago that service was the foundation of the mortgage business. We had the confidence of our customers as trusted advisors. And the people who worked in the industry were respected, sought after, and compensated as true financial professionals.

Then technology changed everything.

And not every change was an improvement. As soon as information could be assembled almost instantly, and fulfillment pipelines were automated, the need for speed ruled everything. The financial professionals that once defined the industry became telecenter screeners like everyone else. They took applications from anyone who called and spent too much of their day in headsets pushing a single fits-all product. The modern mortgage industry had arrived. But something about it was incomplete.

The mortgage professional is back.

The simple fact is you can’t replace professionalism, service and satisfaction with efficiency alone. Eventually the market would again make room for those very qualities. In fact it would demand it. The financial professionals who come to PCMA should want to serve and grow that market.

PCMA is not a telecenter. We are a financial firm created by financial professionals, and we look for people who can knowledgably advise our clients on a choice of mortgage products. This has created an opportunity for people with the right skills and experience to build a career that’s different and better than what a telecenter can offer. A career with the financial and personal rewards that a successful professional should enjoy.

Specialization of roles works toward everyone’s success.

We have three distinct roles at Power Choice, letting people bring their strongest skills to the areas they can be most productive. And specifically, Credit Officers don’t take sales calls. We have people to do that. Really.

The Transaction Initiator

Every new client engagement begins with a Transaction Initiator in our Customer Care Center. Most prospective clients who call are already pre-approved. The Initiator completes an interview and loan application for each caller so the next phase can begin. This is where the customer’s first impression of PCMA is created, and delivering the highest level of customer service is of the utmost importance.

Transaction Initiators are compensated with a combination of 1) a base salary; 2) an incentive for each completed loan application; and 3) a funding bonus for every loan closed. Advancement opportunities may also be available for successful Initiators.

Credit Officer

The Credit Officer enters the picture only after all intake interviews and forms have been completed by the Initiator. The Credit Officer will then consult with the client to better understand them and their goals, and then present them at least three product options. The Credit Officer can then advise the client on the options before them.

Once the client commits to one of the options, the Officer begins the boarding process, finalizing the application until it’s cleared for the rate to be locked and the file released to the Funding Manager. At which point the Credit Officer’s work is complete and your bonus is earned and booked.

In other words, the Credit Officer is compensated for the work they’ve completed regardless of when the loan funds. Even if the loan never funds.

Funding Manager

Once a loan is submitted to the Funding Manager, you’ll move aggressively to get the loan funded. This is similar to the role of Senior Loan Processor in other companies, but it’s been restructured to use your time more productively.

Loans are assigned to you with the appraisal, title and income docs already reviewed and cleared. You then proceed to the most immediate needs – ordering loan docs, signing, and working with funding to close the loan. You do not get involved in collection of conditions or processing the loan for submission.

The compensation for Funding Managers includes a significant base salary, bonus opportunities, and a car allowance.

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